Smart Space

Smart Space

W i d e   H o r i z o n s   f o r
L e b a n e s e   f r e e l a n c e r s

Smart Space® is a 400-sqm co-working facilities project by, offering a collaborative environment for Lebanese digital freelance talents, notably:

  • Software developers
  • Web developers
  • Mobile app developers
  • Game developers
  • Digital marketing experts
  • Digital media buyers
  • Social media managers
  • Graphic designers
  • Animation and video creators
  • IoT experts


Through strategic partnerships, Smart Space provides freelancers with:

  • Continuous flow of projects from international clients, paid in fresh US Dollars
  • Senior mentors and project manager with full-time presence
  • Potential to be hired for full-time jobs

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday
8:00 AM to 10:00 PM




F a c i l i t i e s
& S e r v i c e s

  • Shared workstations for freelancers and their mentors / project managers
  • Meeting room for briefings and teem meetings
  • Skills testing room for academic tests with international partners
  • IoT workstation for Internet of Things projects
  • Microsoft Initiative office
  • Incubation and acceleration office
  • Google Ads partnership office

M e n t o r s h i p ,  I n c u b a t i o n   &
A c c e l e r a t i o n

Mentorship Program by Mobile Arts SAL®

Experts and project managers are available round the clock at Smart Space to provide guidance,  support, knowledge and resources to freelancers.

Incubation & Acceleration Program by Smart Business SAL®

Smart Space is managed by Smart Business SAL, an investment and consulting firm whose specialty is to nurture, manage and invest in projects that optimize the value chain of productive sectors. As this space provides fertile ground for talents to achieve and innovate, Smart Business SAL is ready to provide support, seed funding and business development for promising projects.

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Microsoft Initiative Program

In accordance with the Microsoft Initiative launched in 2020, offers continuous awareness workshops and tutorials to guide freelancers around their remote work and introduce them to global initiatives that can help them develop new skills and acquire new competences.


Google Ads Program

Credit facilities for digital marketing campaigners and media buyers, provided by Mobile Arts in partnership with Google.