About Rasha Rifai

  • Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Age 33 - 37 Years
  • Gender Female
  • Industry Websites, IT and Software


My name is Rasha Rifai, Lebanese. I am seeking a job as a freelancer, I have experience working as senior web developer PHP Mysql html CSS Javascript angular. I am teaching computer science in Liu universities y since 2014.



  • 2008 - 2015
    Intelligle Company: Enterprise Architecture tools and business solutions Center. (www.intelligile.com) – Tripoli

    A senior member in Intelligile

    Tasks Performed: • Quality Assurance, Software testing and maintenance (February 2008- November 2008), planning and writing full scenarios, testing scenarios and reporting bugs • ACG Code Programming (Software designing) (December 2008 – December 2009): generating business reports using Intelligile specific language named \ACG\ (Abstract Code Generator) in many format (HTML, PHP, CSV, Doc,flash,Sql BPEL) and Managing data entered in our Intelligile’s software [Map] to be generated in several ways such as: Power Point, Excel sheet, BPEL, XML, HTML and CSV file. • Senior Developer (Web Developpement- Client Server) (November 2009 – 2015): working on a project for the university as a final project with Intelligile Company supervising (Master2 Project): Business Process Automation. • Quick View: Management and Implementation of Business automation application in PHP object oriented, to generate modeled business Processes into a web application. • Definition: the project aims at developing a methodology and engine for automating the big companies’ business processes. The methodology corresponds of the steps and phases that the modeler must follow in order to create the business process definition: from designing the workflow [tasks, events…] based on the BPMN1 OMG Standard, design the forms, rules and roles. The engine is created to read the process definition and generate a web application for the end user. This engine contains in plus a user management, role management, task management and dashboard features. • Tools: • Database with (sql and mysql 2005, mysql 2008 and SQL Server) • Object Oriented PHP 5 • MVC Architecture • Standards-Compliant: HTML / XHTML / JavaScript / XSLT / ACG Code

  • 2008 - 2008
    AZM School - Tripoli

    Freelancer: Develop an application for Azm School

    this application give the ability to teachers to assign behavior (good or bad) to a student  Yii PHP Framework, HTML, CSS  Messaging  Reporting  Notification  Management o A personal website for an institution  Joomla 2.5  HTML, Ajax, CSS, PHP

  • 2014 - Present
    LIU Unversity (Tripoli, Akkar Campuses)

    LIU University Instructor

    I taught the following courses: Web Programming Client Side: HTML, CSS, CSS Grid Responsive, Bootstrap, Angular, Javascript, JQuery. Database Systems: SQL Queries Software engineering: from designing application(UML Diagrams), project management, feasibility analysis to implementation. Java Programming with Lab: Classes, inheritance, polymorphism, Struts Framework Operating System with Lab Computer Science Overview Introduction to Computer: Word, excel, power point.


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