About Pierre Younes

  • Academic Level Degree Bachelor
  • Age 33 - 37 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Websites, IT and Software



  • 2018 - 2020

    Software Developer

    ▪ Working with SQL Report Builder ▪ Building Reports with Crystal reports ▪ Working On Modifying and Upgrading GRIDS POS Software using VB.net ▪ Working with, and installing MS SQL Server & Express ▪ Modifying and improving SQL Stored Procedures, Functions, Structure ▪ Implementing Data Replication Queries Between Several DBs ▪ Configuring Scheduled Queries ▪ Testing and modifying New Implemented forms ▪ Installing POS Software with Required pre-requisite Programs ▪ Working on the Company’s Website (gridsco.com) Using WordPress ▪ Working on Accounting Modules (General Ledger, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet) ▪ Upgrading Software V2 to V3 (Better functionalities, Performance, Software Structure)

  • 2016 - 2017

    Technical Support Engineer

    ▪ Configure GPS Tracking Devices ▪ Perform all the necessary Tests with the Installers to insure Stability & accuracy of the tracker ▪ Communicate with the supplier in order to modify and Amend Previous Firmware to meet the company’s requirements ▪ Testing and installing different analogue & 1-wire temperature sensor ▪ Testing Serial RFID Readers and 1-Wire iButton Reader ▪ Testing and configuring PID Controllers ▪ Implementing and writing Several Queries using Microsoft SQL to arrange and generate reports to speed up support requests ▪ Assist and Train Customers on Web Application Usage ▪ Data Entry for all the information provided by the sales team for customers to the company’s DB ▪ Suggest modifications for the Web application to achieve a Friendlier UI, along with better performance ▪ Create Documentation for the use of All Commands during the installation & testing process

  • 2015 - 2016

    Telecom Support Engineer

    ▪ Setup Routers and DSL Modems for IP Phone Applications ▪ Data Entry of all customer’s info in the Company’s software “Adage” ▪ Assist customers and propose solutions to problem that occur during DSL installation & also in installing various Hardwares “WiFi Printers, Chromecast, Tablets…” ▪ Troubleshoot Network connections to make sure voice quality is met ▪ Communicate regularly with Suppliers abroad to purchase and upgrade services given to customers (France Telecom, NordNet, OVH) ▪ Creating Documentation for all steps needed to configure modems and Linksys PAP VoIP Box

  • 2021 - 2022
    UDU Jobs

    iOS Developer

    ▪ Worked with Backend RESTful APIs, And JSON Integration ▪ Authenticate with Back-End Web service API and JWT ▪ Worked ing with Regex ▪ Worked With Codable, Mappable ▪ Worked With URLSessions, Data Tasks ▪ Worked with DispatchGroup ▪ Worked With SDWebImage to download and cache images ▪ Worked with Moya, Alamofire, ObjectMapper, SwiftyJSON, SDWebImage, Twilio, Amazon S3 ▪ Worked with Core Location, MapKit to capture current Location and Navigate to the customer location with routing ▪ Worked with Device Camera, Microphone and Location ▪ Worked With AVKit to process Audio Note submission, and notification While Recording Audio. ▪ Worked with Deep linking and Push Notifications ▪ Worked with UI using Storyboards, XIBs and Programatically ▪ Worked with MVP Design Pattern ▪ Worked With and solving Issues related to APN, Developer and Distribution Certificates and Provisioning Profile ▪ Worked With Protocols, Delegate, Generics, GCD 01/2021- 05/2021 2020 - Still ▪ Working with NotificationCenter Observers ▪ Push App To AppConnect, TestFlight and App Store


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