About Charbel Jamous

  • Academic Level Degree Bachelor
  • Age 38 - 42 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Websites, IT and Software


I am an IT Manager at IPT Company, a fuel distributor, in possession of 140 gas stations around Lebanon. The 14 years of knowledge obtained through AUT and my previous jobs empowered me with skills, experiences, and national and global connections to provide your company with an expert IT Managing Skills.   I obtained my degree in Computer Science from AUT, while working full time, and currently engineering minor in telecom in CNAM University. Additionally, I have 13 solid years of experiences in IT Management, As well as Server and Networking Management, software development with C# project Management, repair, and diagnostics, at my current jobs.   I worked in a demanding fast pace Terminal environment, where uptime had to be 100%. I have also worked at IPT in a highly secure environment, where data had and personnel needed to be satisfied with tight and remarkable standards, certain areas required around the clock monitoring, and users worked all 3 shifts. Those jobs taught me how to work with diverse individuals, maintain 100% uptime on all of the networks, back-up information and store it in highly secure facilities, and remain on top of the technology field to insure efficiency, security, and productivity.   In conclusion, my experiences along with my diverse networking with factories, companies such as HP, IBM and Dell, and individuals domestically and globally like china, Germany, Italy and much more, would allow me to serve your firm with the best and innovative technology. Thank you for your precious time and cooperation.



  • 2007 - Present


     Redesigned the company’s obsolete network structure to embody the following servers:  2 (internet security Accelerator).  Configured and managed Fortigate firewall 100F.  2 Exchange (2003 and 2007- Office 365(Currently), 1 private and 1 public Exchange.  PowerApps Developper : designed CRM and Solutions for the departments on the cloud.  1 SMTP (simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Server.  1 SQL 2014R 2.  1 Offshore Backup server and 1 Hidden Local in the country Backup Server.  2 Domain Controllers (2003- 2008).  1 Nortel Server for central communication control and programming.  1 Cisco Central: in conjunction with Nortel central through E1 line.  1 OMEGA server for outpost accounting systems.  Office 365 : Manage all office 365 training, administration , rules, policies etc.. in collaboration with our On Prem Servers and AD. With Azure sync  Local Loop Network with Cable 1, cedercom, Pesco, for our stations security monitoring



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